Free Breeze Hot Air Fans

This is a modern hot air engine. It is made by Free Breeze in Canada.
I purchased this fan in 2006 from ebay and had it shipped to my door.
The engine has a wooden power piston with a leather washer to seal the air in. Also it has a wooden flywheel to which the fan blades are attached. In the above video it is running on a classic Australian wood stove called an IXL. This heats the shed and with the fan it makes it very nice and comfortable. The engine sits infront of the flu and draws the hot air off the flu and blows it around the room, this improves the air circulation because the majority of the hot air from fires hangs around the fire, by using a fan it distrubutes the air around the room, much like an electric fan does on a modern wood fire, except this one runs for free, you improve your efficiency by roughly 30%.