The Hot Air Engine History.

Because the hot air engine was invented back in the late 1700s, early 1800s there is a lot of debate about who actually invented the Hot Air Engine, some say that Rev Dr Robert Stirling is defently the inventor of the engine, others say he was'nt the inventor at all, he only invented the regenerator for the engine. Other sources have named different people as the inventor of the hot air engine such as Sir George Cayley.

One thing that is certain that all these men had a vision and all these men perfected the origional design but, no matter who designed the engine it is not infact these men at all who the congratulations should go to.

The congratulations should go the the inventors down the track like John Ericsson, Alexander Rider, Horace Robinson, Louis Heinrici, Carl Jost and many other inventors, for these are the men that took the rough design and made it a working engine, made it into a useful application like pumping water, running dentist drills, running sewing machines and working fans.

These are the great minds that took the basic idea, perfected it and made it happen!